TOP 3 cities to explore in Brasil

Image TOP 3 cities to explore in Brasil

Brazil is a country of futures and during the first decade of this millennium it becomes the fifth world economic power. The organization of numerous events sports as the Soccer World Cup 2014 or still the Olympics of Rio 2016 were only bringing up the comfort of living of this magnificent country.

What to do in Brazil?

  •  Brazilians are adorable and welcoming people; their friendly hospitality will make you feel comfortable right away after the first meeting. The language barrier will break down rather fast if you have regular practice with local people. 
  • Concerning culture and traditions, the country is rich in cultural diversity. This nation of football is also the popular for partying and carnivals. 
  • The panel of dances like capoeira, bossa nova or samba is as wide as that of some drinks like caïpirinha or ice-cold beers. 
  • You will feel energized and in good shape when eating fresh fruits and passion fruits, and such typical dishes as feijoada, churrasco, rodizio.

Brazil, a country full of sensations

Brazil is endowed with various tourist attractions. To help you organize your journey, here is the top 3 cities to be made and to be seen in Brazil, with all the inescapable not to be missed! 

  1. Rio de Janeiro. Visit Corcovado, which is famous for its huge statue of Christ and the Maracana Stadium where the 2014World Cup was held. You should not also miss to visit the Guanabara Bay with its numerous islands and beaches. The best time to visit Rio de Janeiro is in February when the Rio carnivals take place. It is the most important event. It lasts four days long. The best samba schools are located in Rio de Janeiro. 
  2. Sao Paulo City. Being the economic capital of Brazil, Sao Paulo is the biggest city of South America. The city is famous for its historic monuments, parks and museums. And if you are an amateur party-goer, the big city of Sao Paulo and Avenida Paulista is waiting for you. It is home to 30,000 restaurants which serve yummy cocktails in lively music, 
  3. Brasilia. Built in the end of the 1950s, the capital of Brazil has a special geographical position which is topped by an amazing architecture. Needless to say, the city is a work of art, even though rather futuristic for the time of its construction.

Will it be possible to visit all those destinations in such a vast country?

It will certainly be necessary to make a choice – although quite difficult sometimes, since it is based on your tastes, budget and availability!

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