Dress up for the Carnival of Rio !

Photo Dress up for the Carnival of Rio !

The Carnival of Brazil is an annual carnival to celebrate the beginning of Lent. It is celebrated in all cities and metropolitan areas in Brazil.

Copacabana, Ipanema, and other cities like Leblon, Lagoa and Jardim Botanico are popular venues for Carnivals. Streets are filled with beautiful, sexy samba dancers. Samba popular songs liven up the atmosphere; other people sing the classic marchinhas songs.

Samba performers and carnival attendants look so attractive in their beautiful carnival costumes. Read along and dress up for the Carnival of Rio.

Carnival of Brazil in big cities

  • The Carnival of Brazil, which marks the beginning of Lent, is the most important carnival. It is a cultural and religious carnival. It begins on the Friday before Ash Wednesday, and ends on Ash Wednesday at midday. The Carnival aims to honor the gods of waters. 
  • Parades take place in the streets of Rio de Janeiro and in other big cities. Merrymakers and decorated carnival floats fill the streets. Happy crowds watch the parade and cheer. 
  • Samba Schools participate in contests during the Carnival. Performers look so beautiful and attractive in their carnival attire. Sun-tanned samba dancers in specific thematic costumes fill the streets. At the end of the parades, one school is declared the winner and gets a prize for the best costume, song and choreography.

Carnival costumes

The most fascinating element of the Rio Carnival is costumes. In fact, every samba school has their unique costumes. Costumes are handmade. Yet, they look so elaborate and amazing! 

  • Float performer costumes: Floats are the highlights of the parade. Float performers wear more lavish and elegant costumes. 
  • Samba school dancer costumes: Since they participate in a contest, they were the best costumes which color and design are based on the theme chosen by their school. 
  • Carnival attendees' costumes: The public is free to choose their own costume. You can dress up like any of the cariocas spectators.

Dress up for the Rio Carnival

Carnival costumes are handmade. They are made from simple materials, including feathers and cardboard. The amazing design of the carnival costumes shows the talent and creativity of the designers.

You can create your own costumes for more fun. However, you can also simply buy costumes from vintage shops. Carnival costumes may be composed of the following: 

  • Dyed feathered costumes: mask, two-piece bikini, anklets, wings, headdress, costume and headpieces
  • Sequins: two piece bikini, and headpieces, headdresses, 
  • Facial mask with a peephole 
  • Another design of your choice.

Participate in the Carnival of Brazil

So now that you have learned a lot about the Carnival in Brazil, it is sure that you are ready to set out for this interesting event. The Carnival date changes every year.

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